IoT sensors to collect data that helps business decisions

Simpler report of business metrics via ultra-connected and integrated sensors

Coverage with indoor and outdoor sensors

With the speedier release of many sensors in the market, we believe it is important to be able to guarantee the accuracy of information from its source up to the decision maker.

We have a close capital partnership with HDSN so as to guarantee complete coverage and make the value chain interoperable from electronic design up to the production of made-to-measure components.

The additional bricks of Jaguar Network can thus add the power of the cloud and machine learning to sensors made in France.

A panel of communication networks:

The sensors provided to the different business solutions directly use multiple protocols:

  • LoRA
  • Sigfox
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Wifi
  • 3G / 4G LTE

The data are then sent directly via Stellar, the IoT hub of Jaguar Networks, to decision-making tools.

Telemetry: a range of sensors that are in step with the 4.0 industrial revolution

Whether it is for B2C or B2B use, the sensors provided to production environments allow the acquisition of data connected with business processes.

Predictive maintenance, pollution control, urban mobility, smart buildings and so many other uses are freely addressable via simple plug & play solutions.

A data lake then concentrates all the information in a centralized location, allowing teams of data scientists to work on optimization hypotheses with an immediate impact on operations (Opex/Capex).


Multi-standards compatibility

Dev & Test by JN Lab

Self-care service management

Customized offer

Integrated sensors that are interoperable with your existing IT

Architectured tailored to your business requirements

Engineering adjusted to your constraints

Reactivity to provide a customized answer

Our Advantages

  • Native multi-protocol sensors
  • A complete collection range for indoor & outdoor use
  • Simple integration of sensors made in France

Your Benefits

  • Multi-indicator reports with centralization for decision-making analysis
  • Predictive maintenance possible for improving industrial flows
  • Optimization of the productivity of your operations