Storage classes with high availability and hot swapping evolutivity

Choose the adapted storage solutions that fits with your dataset: critical, frozen or hot. 

Optimize your storage costs thanks to pay-per-use billing.


Storage requirements are evolving to deal with:

  • The explosion in data volume with the arrival of communicating objects
  • Regulatory requirements demanding compliant storage for sensitive data
  • The desire to preserve your company’s digital asset base at optimized cost
  • The challenge of freeing yourself from the technical constraints of managing capacity 24/7


A guaranteed storage infrastructure must be chosen to:

  • Outsource critical data from your information system
  • Store business applications and databases
  • Consolidate significant data volumes in a secure environment


Jaguar Network storage solutions are designed to guarantee protection of all data types (hot/cold, block/file/object), even for large volumes. Our hosting capacities and regulatory compliance capabilities maintain the security of your data.

Our customers can therefore manage and administer their storage space flexibly using their dedicated extranet interface.

Having your data on a Jaguar Network platform ensures very high availability of your services your data. On the ‘as a service’ model of the cloud, you only pay for the volume you use.


On-demand resources

Multi-datacenter BCP / DRP

Guaranteed Quality of Service

Very High Availability

4h GRT guarantee

Since 2010, Jaguar Network has accompanied and supported us in our growth. Our company has found a reliable partner, always listening to our needs and problems, quick to offer customized solutions. We appreciate the responsiveness of the Jaguar Network teams and the suitability of monitoring tools and statistics supplied.

Jean-Paul Bagou

SILAE Expert

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Customized offer

Flexible pay-as-you-use model, dedicated storage integrated into multisite network architecture

Architectured tailored to your business requirements

Reactivity to provide a customized answer

Engineering adjusted to your constraints

Our Advantages

  • Easy access: drop the data, wherever it is (NAS/SAN/FTP)
  • 1-click modification of guaranteed storage classes
  • Native compliance with certifications: ISO 27001, PCI-DSS

Your Benefits

  • Secure access to your data: via private network or VPN tunnel
  • Manage multi-protocols: Block (iSCSi) or File (NFS, CiFS)
  • Preserve your data: restore using the history log
  • Optimize storage costs: invoiced for what you use
  • Ensure availability: synchronous multi-datacenter replication