Public Cloud, hosted in France, secures your performance with premium SLAs

Activate high-performance VMs on demand, sized to fast-track your business developments!


IS Directors and decision makers want to be able to relieve IT teams and developers of managing infrastructure, to enable them to focus on their core role.

The choice often comes down to Public Cloud (IaaS) to fast-track the development of new products while optimizing budget.

These challenges generate increasing expectations:

  • Benefit from the elasticity of resources to adjust them as your business develops
  • Deploy VMs overseas in a few minutes to support international expansion
  • Test the validity of innovative designs by rapid access to resources for DevOps
  • Move more quickly from prototype to the final product though facilitated increases a load
  • Only pay for what you use to protect your cash flow
  • Consolidate several uses on the same high-performance VM to control costs


  • Internet site / SaaS application: do you have a business-critical web activity and you want to guarantee its availability?
  • Test and development: do you want to develop a new product or carry out tests without overinvesting?
  • Peak load: do you need ad hoc resources to support business growth?


Public Cloud offers Datacenter-hosted virtual servers guaranteeing a high level of performance and reliability.

Resources that can be mobilized easily in a few seconds, providing implementation flexibility aligned to your business challenges. The different types of preconfigured application servers adjust to your activity peaks.

Complete control of your data life cycle provides harshest environments 100% available service while ensuring complete user satisfaction from the first beginnings of development to production release in demanding environments.

Our Public Cloud solution is upgradable and ensures :
  • maximum data availability and security
  • a high-performance infrastructure, optimized and built on a range of market-leading equipment
  • availability of dedicated hypervisors
  • a high level of operating expertise


Multi-datacenter BCP / DRP

4h GRT guarante

24/7 managed services

Very High Availability

On-demand resources

We chose Jaguar Network to host our architecture and customer data. For us, the service quality and technical expertise of the Jaguar Network teams really set them apart. This choice guarantees offering performance to Hexawin customers.



Also find out more about

Customized offer

Managed Services 24/7: maintaining hardware to application middleware in operational condition.

Architectured tailored to your business requirements

Engineering adjusted to your constraints

Reactivity to provide a customized answer

Our Advantages

  • Dedicated environments, modular and partitioned
  • Controllable data backup using independent console
  • Custom sizing of VMs and choice of high performance storage

Your Benefits

  • Avoid overinvesting: adjust your IT to match your needs
  • Adjust resources on-the-fly to support your business
  • Optimize investments with a forecastable subscription
  • Secure the availability of your services with 24/7 facilities management
  • Restore your data using replication on a 2nd site