IP transit solution

With our IP Access solutions, your network will be integrated into the global Internet network through a connection to the very high-speed backbone of Jaguar Network!

They rely on a native IPv4/IPv6 multi-operator BGP network, built to meet the strictest requirements in terms of speed and performance, so as to support the development of hosting solutions in the cloud or on your sites.

The quality of our network reflects our position: our backbone guarantees an availability rate of 99.995%, with the shortest transit times.

The fact that Jaguar Network is interconnected with a very large number of operators at traffic connection and exchange points offers you top-quality visibility and connectivity: transit times are treated optimally thanks to the dynamic management of traffic depending on congestion points and all global Internet routes.

The foundation of our services: the private and proprietary network of Jaguar Network

We have a seamless proprietary network that is independent and interconnected with global operators and the main European Internet exchange points, to offer you the best response times and high-quality routing, for all your flows to and from the Internet.

Our VHA (Very High Availability) mark offers you the guarantee of service quality and local support. Our fiber optic network infrastructure is redundant (connections and equipment), with 24/7 supervision by our networks expert to keep our services available at all times.

We can offer symmetric accesses at guaranteed speeds from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps on copper or fiber optic media with secondary backup links for resilience and the possibility to update them over time to keep pace with your traffic peaks.

Our public and private peering agreements

Jaguar Network is now directly interconnected to content networks via major national and international exchange points such as DECIX and AMSIX, France IX, Lyon IX, Lynx, ParIX, Renater, etc.

These interconnections allow us to exchange traffic with many French and international operators.

In order to avoid bottlenecks at the exchange points, private peering offers a significant competitive edge in terms of bandwidth quality and connection speed: it makes it possible to directly connect general public subscribers to the network of Jaguar Network.

For you, that means very short transit times with web flows that are extremely fast and efficient!

Internet access and transit via a native IPv6 network

Our Internet access offers guaranteed speed using a native IPv6 network to allow the contextual processing of requests and priority management of DNSs for native IPv6 applications (Google, Facebook) or communication platforms (iPhone).

 The IP transit service of Jaguar Network can be offered with static routing via our own IP address blocks or with dynamic routing using the BGP-4 protocol.

With this service, we can connect you and send the complete global Internet table to your equipment (we can also send you a default route) and announce your address space to our partner operators and peers.

Your traffic is protected by advanced filtering of inbound flows, with data exchange encryption if needed, and neutralization of denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

That architecture also secures mobile use and the Internet of Things, with one address per user or device, thanks to a larger IP addressing space.


Very High Availability

Optimized Latency

Integrated Anti-DDOS service

Very High Speed

Dynamic routing

With Jaguar Network, we were able to see a significant improvement in our performance, thanks to extremely low latency; this is a real quality for an e-commerce platform, as well as a 100% SLA since production release. »


CTO & Co-Fondateur

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Our Advantages

  • Pan-European Operator Network AS30781, 800+ peering interconnections in Europe.
  • Complete access portfolio for copper and fiber collection including a plurality of operator networks (DSP, RIP, dark fibers, etc.).
  • Some of the shortest network latency times thanks to our active peering policy on the major network interconnection nodes in Europe.
  • High availability for your traffic through a backbone with redundant optical fibers.
  • Contractual commitments in respect of annual network availability (SLA).

Your Benefits

  • A private operator network core that distributes traffic optimally and gives you the best response times.
  • A backbone with surplus capacity and doubled equipment to guarantee 99.99% availability of your services.
  • Your data are conveyed in full confidentiality over a secure network by advanced anti-DDoS filtering and 24/7 SOC.
  • As an operator and host in a Sovereign Cloud, we will optimize your accesses to the IT resources of private and public clouds.