Dedicated Fiber

Benefit from several Level 1 and 2 Fiber Optic interconnection solutions depending on your different topologies: point-to-point or point/multipoint.    

Our connection offers are based on dedicated level 1 (black fibers, wavelength) or level 2 (using Fast or Giga Ethernet technology) connections.

They enable completely private and encrypted high-speed networks to be created, guaranteeing confidential exchanges and transactions. In this way, the IP equipment is connected directly to Jaguar Network infrastructures.

A technical study of your architecture and your challenges makes it possible for us to guide you towards the most suitable and efficient technologies and media, such as Fiber Optic with speeds from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps.


Connected to Datacenter directly through the Jaguar Network core, you benefit from excellent response time as a result of constant investments to expand our network.

We interconnect your sites using a light or black fiber service to guarantee the performance of access and diversity of protocol-based solutions (Ethernet, Fiber Channel, D-WDM, C-WDM, etc.).

The redundant architecture of the network core provides you very high availability and we offer additional security for your access by setting up diversified connections dedicated to backup.


Jaguar Network has its own design office to ensure that optical connection studies are viable and deployments optimized.

Fiber and network engineering supports you to define target architectures and coordinate the different stages of your deployment.


Very High Availability

24/7 support in France

Very High Speed

Optimized Latency

Premium SLAs

Host and supplier of our bandwidth, Jaguar Network brings us responses customized to our needs. By listening to us and demonstrating permanent availability, Jaguar Network’s teams are routinely proactive.


Technical Director

Customized offer

Custom offers closely matching your connection needs!

Architectured tailored to your business requirements

Reactivity to provide a customized answer

Engineering adjusted to your constraints

Our Advantages

  • Proven technology, reliable and effective to save time and increase efficiency.
  • Benefit from excellent response times from a directly-owned, high-performance managed network.
  • Choose the technical solution meeting your needs from our portfolio of access solutions.
  • A multitude of mastered transport technologies at levels 2 and 3 (Ethernet, Fiber Channel, D-WDM, C-WDM, etc.).
  • Ensure maximum availability of your services with a totally redundant Backbone and diversified access on your sites.

Your Benefits

  • Custom support to design your target architecture
  • A design office set up to validate the viability of optical connection studies
  • Dedicated team of project managers specialized in deploying Fiber Optic networks