Your data back-up is checked every day 24/7 for your BCP/DRP

Choose a back-up solution with restoration capacity at file level to protect your data within the GDPR framework.

For your business continuity and disaster recovery plans, you have an insurance against disaster and hacking risks.


Businesses today face many risks of losing data: human error, sabotage, ransomware, security failures and/or virus… Faced with these risks, sheltering your data in an essential business requirement.


  • Outsourcing the information system in a secure environment
  • Guarantee of Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  • Bring the data protection policy into compliance with GDPR  


Our backup services offer a single destination for all your data, simplifying compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) using a secure cloud solution guaranteeing recovery of your files and applications in the event of disaster.

The backup service allows you to guarantee implementation and control of a policy to suit your business and to relieve your employees of this weighty operational task. So your data remain fully available and can be restored at any time in the event of an incident where the data are attacked or corrupted.


Self-care service management

Multi-datacenter BCP / DRP

End to End Security

Very High Availability

4h GRT guarantee

We selected JN on the quality of its offer and its expertise in hosting Cloud and SaaS solutions. This agreement enables us to be the only 100% French offer of Identity and Access Governance using SaaS. This control of the entire technological chain and proximity of our R&D centers ensure maximum service availability and quality unequalled on the market.

Nicolas Moyere


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Our Advantages

  • Encrypted backup compatible with GDPR requirements
  • Extranet for managing backup policies
  • Consolidated management for backups of databases, servers, VMs

Your Benefits

  • Eliminate the risk of data loss by replicating your data in a Datacenter with Third-party IV redundant design.
  • Only pay for the space used and don’t make unnecessary investment.
  • Benefit from storage that follows your business growth, without interruption to your services, using the ‘autosize’ solution.
  • Restore at any time using our support, based in France: solution operated by our engineers following detailed processes.
  • Guarantee business recovery in the event of an incident, through demanding SLAs: Guaranteed Recovery Time 4hr, Guaranteed Response Time 10 min on 24/7 basis.