JN FOR GOOD – Key player in innovation, Jaguar Network supports startups and the local ecosystem

Player of digital transformation, Jaguar Network is commited to the local ecosystem.

Since 2001, we have been investing continuously in research and development to be one of the leading players in the digital technology market in France. We support our partners with programs dedicated to the development of tools and applications or the construction of models in the laboratory. Creating sustainable missions while allowing access to technologies remains our main purpose. This is why Jaguar Network engages in many hands-on actions in connection with local organizations and territories.


  • Start’up Consult : We host on a regular basis entrepreneurs to share experiences, errors, networking opportunities and technological building blocks.  Saving time when facing international competitors, networking during meetups and clustering projects improves the odds of building a future champion.
  • Onelife : We have created a space for medical R&D activities as well as biotechnology laboratories connected to the Cloud in our innovation center of Marseille: Quanta.
  • Make It Marseille : Fablabs and maker spaces are the lobbies of creativity and digital projects, this is why we engage in partnerships with the talents that create the world of tommorow.
  • Euroméditerranée: Participating in the transformation of a city center via the biggest urban redevelopment project in Europe is an important challenge, we contribute through the Urban Lab EMUL aiming to build a sustainable and fair Smart City model for southern countries (Europe, Africa, Middle East).
  • MJ1: Strengthening the attractiveness of our territories by highlighting the projects and expertise of our companies is the mission led by members of the MJ1, whose success has been linked since its creation in 2016.


  • EMD, Digital School : Jaguar Network is one of the founding partners of this pluridisciplinary school that aims to connect the know-hows of the digital economy as well as supporting the students for their soft skills improvement (Leadership, Business Management and Technology )
  • SKOLA 2.0 : Transform retail shops, increase the skills of those overlooked by the digital revolution, those are the challenges of this retailers’ association. We have partnered with them on a recurring basis to accelerate the evolution of our downtown areas to preserve their attractiveness.
  • Jaguar Academy : An affordable lab to help young people training in routing, IP, MPLS and telecom practice on older generations of network equipments of Jaguar Network.
  • Auteuil Orphans Foundation : Our mission with « Le Cloitre » is to create the conditions of social integration : renovating a 17th century building to host future talents and provide the digital fuel for fast-developing activities. 


Jaguar Network has partnered with active associations in order to build an Internet respectful of private lives, fair and neutral as well as available to the greatest number of users:

  • Hexatrust
  • Medinsoft
  • France IX
  • Rezopole
  • Fr-Nog
  • Nanog
  • Ams-IX
  • DE-Cix
  • Lonap