A centralized web security platform: firewall, antispam, anti-DDoS

Opt for a control center to manage the security of your enterprise network, your local network or your website.


Digital transformation is increasing the ends with applications hosted on a remote cloud, multiple terminals and mobile users. Ransom demand, data theft, information leak: 80% of attacks are invisible. And yet they pose a real threat to the integrity of your IT structures and therefore your business activity.


Protection of your local network and Internet access

  • Real-time analysis of bandwidth and flows using IDS/IPS modules to prevent malicious intrusions and block complex threats targeting your applications. 
  • Detect and block distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, targeted or volume-based.

Protection of your private company network 

  • Filter using a UTM firewall to provide centralized security of Internet access and flows to implement a unified security policy for your users.
  • Guarantee a secure connection for your roaming users to business applications through VPN gateways, additionally offering access traceability.


Web Protect is a portfolio of active solutions that take security from the user to the Datacenter: integrated in the business, it is no longer an overlay seen as slowing down your business activities.

Protection using proven firewall, detection and prevention of intrusions, protection of identities, network traffic analysis and protection against distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS); our network equipment steps in transparently to protect your users and applications.


End to End Security

4h GRT guarantee

Integrated Anti-DDOS service

Very High Availability

ISO 27 001 compliance

From the start, Jaguar Network was able to understand our expectations and offer proven, industrial technical solutions, adapted to our specific needs. We value their responsiveness and the way they listen to us, enabling us to work towards a common goal and achieve our targets in terms of high availability, quality of service and security.

Capitaine Olivier Mari

Section Head of the Technologies and IS department for National Security

Our Advantages

  • Optimized operating costs: centrally operated virtual firewall.
  • Access to experts to configure your rules to your use context.
  • Guaranteed availability: redundant infrastructure with 24/7 supervision.

Your Benefits

  • Management of Internet uses to conserve bandwidth.
  • Secure access to head office for roaming users.
  • Defenses always up-to-date: globally updated database.
  • Improved productivity: control of uses at risk over Internet.