Jaguar Network offers you virtual private network (VPN) solutions perfectly matched to your business challenges: direct connections, roaming, multi-site management and end-to-end security, wh

Our solutions are built on innovative technologies and offered at either level 2 (E-VPN) or level 3 (MPLS VPN) to adapt closely to your architecture needs and special technical requirements.

Ethernet – VPN  (Réseau VPN de Niveau 2)

Jaguar Network has developed its own level 2 Ethernet VPN virtual private network, based on Provider Backbone Bridging, Ethernet VPN technology (PBB-EVPN).

By its nature, the Jaguar Network Ethernet VPN is entirely meshed: it therefore behaves like an Ethernet switch enabling you to interconnect your remote sites directly at level 2 while also benefiting from level 3 MPLS routing functionalities.

PBB-EVPN technology is the latest generation of multipoint-to-multipoint MPLS L2VPN service that fills the gaps in previous technologies, such as VPLS, used by most operators. In particular, it is free of the limitations of the number of client MAC addresses and makes it possible to create redundant access connections.

Our E-VPN solution lets you construct your own managed private network, giving all the company’s employees secure high-performance access to in-house business applications, mailbox, file servers and Internet.

VPN on MPLS (Level 3 VPN network)

Our MPLS VPN solution brings you level 3 site interconnections focused on application performance with outstanding end-to-end service quality. It guarantees all your employees secure and high-performance connections to your critical applications, such as Voice, Video, Telepresence and all your highly latency-sensitive data.

The MPLS VPN interconnections are entirely managed within the core of our operator network, to ensure separation of your intersite network and integrity of your data: you will automatically derive the benefits of Jaguar Network’s regular investments in technological developments and extension of its network, and you will thus benefit from optimum service quality.

Access to this private infrastructure offers secure transit for your data in dedicated environments, separated and inaccessible from the Internet.

The flexibility of MPLS also offers you multiple different configurations and architectures, that adapt perfectly to your network constraints.

Furthermore, this technology integrates a variety of different connection media, allowing them to be integrated into the VPN: connections over multi-operator xDSL copper cables, proprietary or multi-operator fiber optic.

Dynamic routing of this network makes it possible to redirect your data to the more efficient connection at any time.

We also offer different types of topologies: total ‘Any to Any’ mesh, or ‘Hub and Spoke’ star cabling to your central site, we guarantee security and isolation of your traffic using VRF routing tables, and finally your flows will be ranked based on their defined priorities into 4 service classes, one of which is Real Time (Express Forwarding) for your communications and Video-transmission.

A dynamic new generation network

These two solutions, based on PBB-EVPN & MPLS technologies, ensure the best response time and optimum service quality by means of guaranteed-speed fibers and flow prioritization (QoS).

Jaguar Network supports you to set up access connections in France and internationally, aided by its agreements with Tier-1 operators around the world.

At a second stage, Network Function Virtualization technologies (based around our SD-WAN offer) lets you upgrade your existing VPN network to a more agile and high-performance modern network: using a software overlay, you will be able to virtualize the functions of your VPN network, such as security, traffic acceleration or routing, so simplifying the creation of private networks on existing access connections.


Dynamic routing

Premium SLAs

24/7 managed services

Guaranteed Quality of Service

End to End Security

We were seeking a partner who shares our values of proximity, availability and expertise. JN was able to put them into practice by providing a hosting space specific to our expectations and Very High Speed telecoms services. The rapid deployment of network connections and technical support were the keys of our collaboration.


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Our Advantages

  • Your data exchanges secured by a private and separated network
  • Excellent response times using a seamless proprietary network
  • More than 4 service classes, with one dedicated to voice
  • Service availability 99.995% of the time over the year to work with complete peace of mind
  • Responsive technical support, based in France, 24x7x365
  • Experts to advise and support you as your solution evolves.

Your Benefits

  • The right inter-site connections, high-performance and upgradable
  • Rapid access to your applications
  • End-to-end managed security 
  • Real-time management, prioritization and visibility of your traffic
  • Agility in connecting roaming users through integrated SSL connections.