Company HD telephony solution

Incorporate new-generation communication services through VHD telephony solutions. Our experts will support you in the integration and portability of your existing and new DID resources directly into the PABX/IPBX platforms in production.

With Jaguar Network SIP termination solutions, you will have the guarantee of perfect telecommunications quality through redundant and secured architectures.

In that way, your employees can make very high definition (VHD) calls in France and elsewhere to all landline and cellular networks and benefit from the best conditions in the market.

Operator class network

Communication, whether inter-sites or cellular, is vital for ensuring business continuity and maximizing employee productivity.

The availability of your telephone accesses is crucial and is guaranteed by our voice network, which is doubly redundant: geographically on remote sites and physically at the interconnections of operators and their equipment.

As a voice operator, we have more than 800 direct agreements, particularly with major incumbent and national operator networks for service quality that is controlled from end to end, and competitive pricing for calls to landline and cellular phones.

Hybrid voice solutions

In order to simplify the management of your business telephony needs (ISDN or VoIP), our voice solutions are natively hybrid and can adapt very closely to your existing (PBX) infrastructure.

The SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) protocol we use is standardized by the IETF: it has been designed to set up, modify and terminate multimedia sessions and videoconferencing, telepresence, instant messaging, virtual reality or WebRTC.

 You can thus access all these solutions without having to change your existing system: our solution is compatible with all business telephone systems and relies on a tailored connection between your current equipment and the secure network of Jaguar Network.

In order to make the solution easier to install, you will be supported by our deployment and technical support teams made up of systems and networks experts coordinated by a dedicated project manager. Our solutions will provide flexibility in the management of your telephone system.

Access to a dedicated Extranet makes it possible to update the telephone numbers and channels to keep pace with your needs.

Controlled service quality

There can be no compromise when it comes to business telephony services!

That is why, in order to allow Very High Definition audio communication without voice compression, the G.711 codec (voice compressing/expanding algorithm) is used.

The bandwidth of your business telephone system is reserved and Voice over IP traffic is given priority over the other data flows through your network.

Additionally, each of our offers includes a fraud detection system that uses artificial intelligence and is incorporated directly within our voice networks, which counts each of your calls in real time to overseas and premium-rate numbers and thus identifies any suspicious behavior shown by your call profile. 

Lastly, 24/7 network supervision makes it possible to analyze voice flows in real time to provide service quality and protect your telephone system from frequent SIP attacks.


High-resolution Audio

Premium SLAs

Fraud detection system

Very High Availability

Free intersites calls

In 2010 we chose Jaguar Network because of they answered complex requirements: hosting, VPN and telephony. With each building block we are satisfied of the sales and technical follow-up. For us, Jaguar Network is first and foremost agility in solution delivering, without compromising on performance and quality.

Pierre-André FILIPPI

Network Administrator and Technical Support Manager

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Your Benefits

  • Communicate efficiently as much as you like!  Calls between sites are free of charge.
  • Benefit from competitive rates thanks to our agreements with operators in France and elsewhere
  • High Definition Quality thanks to G.711
  • Take advantage of optimum service continuity with the redundant network of Jaguar Network
  • Protect your outbound calls thanks to the integrated AI anti-fraud engine. 
  • Get a view of your consumption with detailed reports that are available virtually in real time.

Our Integrated Services

  • Portability of your telephone numbers
  • Supply of geographic and non-geographic numbers.
  • Management of emergency numbers (15, 17, 18, 112, 115, and 119)
  • Call transfer, forwarding and restriction features
  • Creation of toll-free and local-call numbers
  • Portability of 0800-0815 numbers
  • Entry in the business directory
  • Redundant architecture configurations and the integration of a backup link.