Benefit from SDN/NFV contributions to boost performance while simplifying your network management.

Using SDN (Software Defined Network) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization) technologies, virtualization of your network blocks offers flexible management of your ‘Cloud’ realms.

In this new ecosystem, Jaguar Network offers modern solutions based on SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN) technology.

SD-WAN  is changing the rules of the game and so makes it possible to respond to new bandwidth needs and exponential use of Internet and Cloud resources, of course with a strong requirement for agility and security.

Complete orchestration of your network resources guarantees improved application performance, built-in security and simplified deployment of multi-site and/or international VPNs.

Why choosing SD-WAN?

Upgrade to a ‘HYBRID WAN’ for more technical advantages and reduced recurring costs.

The quantities and volumes of data passing through company networks are growing rapidly, with lasting effects on WAN performance and making a Full MPLS network too costly, particularly on international sites.

More and more applications are hosted directly in the Cloud, in SaaS mode, creating performance problems on Internet access points centralized at head offices or in an MPLS network core.

A ‘hybrid’ network is a means of interconnecting users throughout the world, by routing traffic over several types of private or public connections: it offers businesses greater flexibility and savings while maintaining the option to route your strategic data on dedicated connections at guaranteed speeds.

Using an SD-WAN, a centralized controller dynamically routes traffic to the optimum path based on predetermined policies (critical or non-critical traffic) and available bandwidth.

SD-WAN guarantees complete flexibility and the best performance of your applications, while also integrating a centralized and unified security policy for your deployments.

  • Using all possible combinations of connections: Internet, high guarantee service MPLS, on any physical medium: 4G, ADSL, SDSL, Fiber Optic.
  • Possibility of distributing traffic between different connection types and so optimizing costs and user experience.
  • Instantaneous switching when service deteriorates by rerouting flows automatically onto the available connections best suited to the use.
  • Easy integration of external networks (Partners, Acquisition) through complete virtualization of networks.


Our SD WAN solution offers complete and detailed analysis of operation of your systems and infrastructures covering QoE (Quality of user Experience) and QoS (Quality of Service). This enables you to detect any performance issues proactively so as to maximize user satisfaction.

This agile technology uses flow and application identification mechanisms thus making it possible to handle them differently with specific dynamic routing, based on their criticality.

Private and/or public network connections can be selected intelligently and automatically, based on the constraints associated with the various applications.

In this way the SD-WAN strengthens the SLAs (Service Level Agreement) related to your service contracts, while also preserving operating continuity:

  • Custom management of application performance to enhance your user experience
  • Different rules attributed by application type.
  • Supervision of application routing making it possible to confirm routing rules and so intervene even before the user notices a network failure: management of the application and not the connection any more.
  • Granular technical and functional dashboards, enabling precise operation of your network’s structural elements.


Security is an integral part of the SD-WAN as hybrid network, access points will be connected directly to the public Internet world.

The data encapsulation and encryption layers are provided at the highest level on each Universal CPE unit that can have the same functionalities as a New Generation level 7 Firewall.

  • Integration of the entire network and security portfolio via a uCPE
  • Centralization of security and detection of malicious flows within your network.


Our SD-WAN solution is operated by a centralized controller in our network core, by direct interaction with all network equipment such as end routers or our PE Backbone equipment, supplying an intelligent virtualization layer to integrate and operate all existing telecoms functions.

  • Deployment, operations and configuration from a centralized console, integration into Public Clouds
  • Management of your multi-site WAN network as an entirely separate part of your ‘Cloud Computing’ architecture


Complete virtualization of networks is at least as revolutionary a contribution to Cloud services as hypervisors. The Software Defined Network offers new agility to complex network functions while optimizing technical and financial performance of infrastructures” according to Kevin Polizzi, CEO Jaguar Network.

The Jaguar Network SD WAN solution relies on NFV (Network Function Virtualization) technology to virtualize network/security services and functions, traditionally handled by dedicated equipment. Application functions, such as routing, filtering, firewalling, detecting intrusion or Voice handling are implemented using virtual servers hosted in a Datacenter (network core) or On Premise (customer site), deployed and administered from a centralized and redundant software platform.

Thus it is possible to increase the capacity of virtual machines instantaneously using software: your network administrators will no longer have to acquire several expensive items of equipment and in this way you will optimize your OPEX/CAPEX and your operating costs (PEoPle EXPense).

This flexibility now enables IT teams to respond with agility to changing business constraints and new needs for network services.


The NFV and its virtualization functions take no account of physical components, making it possible to deploy any new functionality directly and remotely, without physical intervention on site, at any point in the network.

SDN makes it possible to deploy network services rapidly and at large scale, by reducing human error.

Together, these two automation and orchestration functions facilitate implementation and technological developments locally and in a Datacenter, creating a real unified IP network enabling you to cross distances and integrate any Cloud and Telecom resource into your Business.

In this way you can make your Jaguar Network Public Cloud, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc. resources communicate with your infrastructures and users by guaranteeing end-to-end security.

According to IDC, more than 80% of new business applications will be deployed via the cloud: direct connections with private or public CLOUDS become increasingly necessary and must be flexible in terms of redundancy and speeds. Using NFV and SDN, they can be done as simply as connecting a new terminal to your local network through virtualization of machines.

 So these automated direct connections to ‘clouds’ will bring immediate improvements in efficiency, improve your performance and, without fail, a quantifiable return on your infrastructure investments.


Application performance

Hybrid Architectures

Network & Cloud Orchestrator

End to End Security

Traffic flows prioritization

Jaguar Network was the natural choice as it is a leading player in the region. Quality, performances and reliability our requirements perfectly, to ensure our business performance securely.

Thierry Ruas

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Our Advantages

  • Trail-blazer in deploying SD-WAN networks in France (dedicated JN test lab, POC, constructors tests and validations)
  • Technical and operational expertise based on lessons learned on deployed SD-WAN networks.
  • Integration of our entire network and security portfolio on your uCPE
  • Possibility to integrate any type physical and protocol-based media: Internet and high guarantee service MPLS on 4G, SDSL, Fiber Optic (5G and FTTX to come).

Your Benefits

  • Single virtualization of your infrastructure using previously tested and mastered SDN & NFV technologies
  • Custom management of application performance to enhance your user experience.
  • Your traffic split between different connection types to optimize costs and performance of your applications.
  • Integrated Network / Cloud orchestration: direct connection to Cloud applications in SaaS mode on all continents.
  • Custom end-to-end management using our dual Network and Cloud expertise.
  • Unified portal: Single reporting, agility with granular technical and functional dashboards.