Rely on our expertise to analyze, monitor and upgrade your IT platforms on a daily basis

Design (BUILD), operate (RUN), evolve (CHANGE) the infrastructures and applications requires time and reactivity on a 24/7 basis. Our managed services enable you to significant timesaving via our systems, network, cybersecurity or telephony engineers.


Faced with increasing numbers of applications making up the information system, datacenters are becoming hybrid and multi-environment. Whether to ensure application security, guarantee access identity or more simply data integrity, the challenges require professional tools and support.

For over 10 years, we have committed ourselves to our customers and partners, to guarantee monitoring in 24x7x365 operation. Our teams structure your platform architecture to deal with traffic fluctuations and carry your activity.

Your IT developments are supported throughout their life cycle: production release, version upgrades, patches and updates. The guarantee of availability and performance is at the heart of the user experience.

Our service delivery managers (SDM) work with you to steer the performance of your services and build continuous improvement of processes and future developments of your platforms.


Jaguar Network supports your digital transformation by making the following services available:

  • OAM, your single point of contact for updates and upgrades, upholding our commitments 
  • Facilities management, for a guarantee of maintained 24/7 operation
  • Advice, Technology Audit and optimization of your platforms

Custom operational monitoring by SDMs

  • Visibility to all your platforms using business dashboards.
  • A dedicated operational account manager to facilitate operation of your platforms and anticipate engineering developments.
  • Guaranteed regular monitoring of commitments by steering committee.

Guaranteed peace of mind through 24/7 facilities management

  • Your platform maintained in operational conditions 24/7.
  • Log and event management to guarantee availability and performance.
  • Application behavior analyzed to adjust configurations to match needs.

Advice to facilitate upgrades

  • Mapping of your IS and sensitive and personal data. 
  • Technological audit to optimize application performance.
  • Customized support to assess compliance of your platform and to identify a program for compliance and continuous improvement.


4h GRT guarantee

Application performance

24/7 support in France

Remote Assistance

Premium SLAs

Through the project we assigned them to overhaul our infrastructure, they were responsive, professional and proactive, making them a contractor with a human side, delivering faultless results while being highly competitive and innovative.


Infrastructure Analyst

Our Advantages

  • Maintenance in operational conditions 24/7 for complex platforms: access to expert engineers in Networks, Systems, Datacenters and Telephony
  • Operational account manager for production monitoring of your platform 
  • Custom support through technological advice matched to your business challenges

Your Benefits

  • Availability of information and systems.
  • Performance monitoring and service commitments.
  • Support on compliance issues (e.g. GDPR).
  • Technological advice for upgrading your platforms.