MultiPlay, a sharing platform which simplifies the management of your telecom services.

Benefit from the flexibility of our Multi-service platform to efficiently integrate and optimize all your technical resources on a single access link.   

Communication needs from the core of the business to partners are constantly accelerating with applications being switched to the cloud: private network, outside applications, unified communications, cloud backup, security, etc.

The increase in the number of suppliers is further complicating integration, deployment and technical support of different services. Most frequently it involves increasing the number of access links dedicated to each functional need (Internet, internal private networks, Communications, Security, etc.).

Our matched technical and functional response…

In this way Jaguar Network offers an integrated and unique approach in the form of a multi-service platform that lets you benefit from operational and financial synergies immediately.

You can easily subscribe to additional technical resources, other than simple Internet access, using a unique access link, without further investments.

 We offer up to 8 different services, such as secure Internet access, integrated Anti-virus and Anti-spam, high definition company telephony, a file transfer solution, VPN interconnections between sites or for mobile staff and even direct access to the best available Cloud services.

Our sharing offer includes all the essential building blocks for your business competitiveness!

This mastery of voice/data convergence is achieved by implementing flow segmentation and prioritization policies. The reliability of transporting these data results from a number of security devices integrated into our core network operated end-to-end.

This base service can be easily enhanced with additional business SaaS applications, facilities management services and hybrid public or private Cloud solutions.

Using this technical base available on each of our sites, you now have a platform perfectly sized to your uses, operated easily from an extranet and scalable to match your company’s activity.

Our Multiplay solution is based on a high level of service commitment: availability basic 24/7 support in France, guaranteed maintenance in operational conditions.


In-House Extranet

Premium SLAs

Traffic flows prioritization

Unified billing

Hybrid Architectures

aguar Network was the natural choice as it is a leading player in the region. Quality, performances and reliability our requirements perfectly, to ensure our business performance securely.

Thierry Ruas

R.S.I Mutuelles du Soleil

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Customized offer

Benefit from custom operational synergies to integrate and optimize all your technical resources efficiently.

Architectured tailored to your business requirements

Engineering adjusted to your constraints

Reactivity to provide a customized answer

Your Benefits

  • Simplified management of your services: 1 invoice, 1 contact person, 1 extranet.
  • Rationalized access cost to the local loop (1 connection for several services). 
  • Guaranteed service performance: rapid and simplified access to your business applications by implementing appropriate Service Classes.
  • New generation multiservice platform providing service continuity through proactive supervision.
  • End-to-end support for greater peace of mind: Pre-sales project manager and engineer guide you through sizing and to an optimized architecture.

Our integrated services

  • Internet access: Configurable bandwidth, 4-100 Mbps
  • VoIP on a Trunk SIP: Simultaneous communications, configurable from 2-120 cx
  • Anti-virus solution
  • Anti-SPAM solution
  • Sites interconnected using VPN
  • Private transfer of large files
  • Email back-up

DNS directory management and 1 choice of domain name