JN Lab, internal R&D

An in-house lab to test and prove innovative solutions and uses

Innovation at the core of our business DNA

Research and Innovation are the focus of Jaguar Network’s challenges and business functions. Whether to integrate technological developments, qualify new generations of equipment, fast-track the emergence of new uses or to take part in the Software-Defined revolution, we are developing hardware and software programs at the heart of our JN Labs.

So while some components are now mature and have a maximum degree of industrialization, many are subjects that have to be validated before they can be operated.

A strong point of differentiation in the world of integration, as a service supplier, we bear all the responsibilities of production continuity on our customers’ and partners’ behalf.

Expérimentations : POC & POV

In our product development cycle, many different people are responsible for managing the development program (PMO).

Whether on free internal inspiration or in collaboration with our customers and partners, our datacenters host prototyping infrastructures to enable the development of new generation solutions.

Proof of Concept when technologies are not mature or Proof of use Value when they are established, we involve outside users at an early stage to confirm or contradict us in trends; being customer-focused means serving our users from the product design or bid stage.

Imagining the future of businesses

With the digital transition of businesses and organizations, we give free rein to conducting customer pilots, here are a few examples of prototypes:

  • Capteur Multi-Métiers pour la Smart City (Température, Humidité, Luminosité, Bruit, Pollution (PM 1, 2.5 & 10)
  • Multi-Business sensor for Smart City (Temperature, Humidity, Luminosity, Noise, Pollution (PM 1, 2.5 & 10)
  • Pollution Tera sensor
  • Tactile multiservice terminals
  • LoRA coverage tester
  • Metering camera
  • PopUP House SmartHome


Remote Assistance

Dev & Test by JN Lab

In-House Extranet

Customized offer

Engineers ready to put their expertise to the service of Proof of Concept (POC) or Proof of Value (POV)

Architectured tailored to your business requirements

Engineering adjusted to your constraints

Reactivity to provide a customized answer

Our Advantages

  • 6 skills combined: Network, Cloud, Telephony, Datacenter, IoT, Big Data
  • Innovative prototypes integrating components from leading equipment suppliers
  • Default built-in security from design to integration

Your Benefits

  • Access to high performance platforms for your projects and tests 
  • Validate the integration while going from infrastructure to managed services
  • Opt for open standards for easily deployed solutions