An open API environment to facilitate the use of your data by your business applications.

Digitization is now supporting the high-speed transformation of all businesses and processes, and frequently requires development methods to be updated for new uses to emerge.

Whether in the world of the Smart City, e-Health, Retail or Industry 4.0, assembling functional components is becoming multi-operator to facilitate the construction of complex software solutions relying on Cloud data and Big Data processing.

The Galaxy APIs platform offers the grouping of multiple applications hosted within secure Cloud solutions, where APIs are standardized to exploit the data easily. The goal is to enable new collaborations between software publishers, IT departments and teams responsible for business innovation.


  • Create a trusted platform to build business ecosystems.
  • Facilitate data use to boost competitiveness.
  • Align life cycles of IT projects with business drivers.


  • Facilitate data processing using standardized interfaces (APIs & dashboards
  • Incorporate proven software blocks to deliver your business needs
  • Interconnect and use your data securely in a datacenter and in an external cloud


  • Support to software publishers to bring Big Data projects to maturity
  • ‘Expert Data’ engineers available to support digitization
  • Proven applications available in Atlas, to facilitate their distribution


Multi-standards compatibility

API-based usage

Dev & Test by JN Lab

Expert guidance

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Our Advantages

  • APIs to simplify interconnected applications
  • Open source app groups and sector-specific publishers
  • Data use platform open to trusted third parties

Your Benefits

  • An orchestrated platform between each business ecosystem.
  • Comprehensive expertise offering you end-to-end support.
  • Visibility to processing your data using Applications & Dashboards