Collect, understand and use business data using the Data Value suite

From Stellar for secure data collection, though Horizon intended to give more structure to your database and link it to the rest of your information services, to Galaxy bringing together everyone involved in data leveraging; this value chain is deployed to support you while maintaining full interoperability.

In this way, Jaguar Network has designed a secure end-to-end architecture for your data.

A complete ecosystem of business solutions can now start making secure use of the data you will have contributed to collecting, eventually, through ‘Data-Centric’ services, to draw on a toolbox packed with tools and algorithms offering the highest performance in the world of AI and Megadata.

Jaguar Network’s only objective is to promote its philosophy, the goal of which is the respect due to your data and the requirement for quality in the processing done. Operation departments or IT, we see your data as a highly valuable asset.

The Data Value Suite is the translation of this at the moment it is implemented for you.


  • Ability to deploy and operate private collection networks (i.e. LoRa architectures)
  • Ability to integrate third-party collection into processes
  • Ability to manage your network of existing objects deployed over your local networks (WiFi, 4/5G, etc.,) and to consolidate them into a unified architecture


  • Ability to have experts assess the storage solution appropriate to your data
  • Ability to provide support and security as you implement the storage
  • Ability, through Cloud Atlas, to support operational management in your situation, including taking account of your previous investments


  • Ability to use your data to enhance its value using your own business applications
  • Ability to characterize and process your data using Data Science / Deep Learning
  • Ability to integrate trusted outside third parties to use data


API-based usage

Multi-standards compatibility

Dev & Test by JN Lab

Expert guidance

Our Advantages

  • Compatibility with 100% of collection technologies
  • Data storage structure appropriate to the processing applied
  • Simplicity in use of data through APIs with end-to-end security

Your benefits

  • Benefit from complete expertise for your data chain from collection, to storage and as far as leveraging the data.
  • Single point of contact for the whole process all the way to data use.
  • Flexibility and full interoperability in the choice of solutions offered.