Simplify your management of domain names, IP networks and SSL certificates

The proliferation of uses on the web generates a multiplication of required resources: SSL, IP, NDD.  

That’s why we have grouped within a pack: purchase of domain names, management of DNS zones, obtaining SSL certificates for your sites.

We combine the set of functional services, essential to operating an application platform, by means of a portfolio we call Cloud Wallet. 

Keep close to your customers and users with our premium SMS send and receive service, with direct links to SMS-C operators.

Delegate relationship management to us with RIPE to benefit from IPv4 and IPv6 address range dedicated to your organization.

Jaguar Network takes responsibility for reserving and protecting your domain names, maintaining them and managing DNS zones.

Enhance your security services through a range of essential cybersecurity products: SSL certificates, strong authentication, end-to-end encryption.

Using this complete portfolio of solutions, Jaguar Network helps you fulfill 3 objectives:

Active protection of your web platforms

  • Vous acompagner dans le choix des certificats SSL adaptés a vos activités
  • Sécuriser vos sites web via certificats SSL, noms de domaines, adresses IP.

Simplified management of your web resources

  • Boost the productivity of your teams by relieving them of obtaining IP addresses.
  • Facilitate domain names and SSL certificate renewals.

Accelerate web performance

  • Ensure low latency through optimized management of DNS servers.
  • Optimize your operational efficiency by sending SMS in real time.


Expert guidance

24/7 support in France

In-House Extranet

Dedicated point of contact

Premium SLAs

Customized offer

On-demand resources to simplify managing your web sites

Architectured tailored to your business requirements

Reactivity to provide a customized answer

Engineering adjusted to your constraints

Our Advantages

  • Complete portfolio of web services and resources.
  • Support from experts to adapt to your business uses.
  • Simplified monitoring of your resources using a dedicated extranet.

Your Benefits

  • Centralized management of SSL certificates.
  • Advanced protection of your applications and web sites.
  • Customer satisfaction ensured using SMS alerts.
  • Simplified procedures with RIPE.