As more than 80% of new applications are directly developed in a Cloud environment, exchanging data requires more and more direct and flexible connections towards private, public or hybrid Clouds.

Managing multi-cloud applications requires new solutions for high availability, security and cost optimization. Thanks to the SDN/NFV technologies, Jaguar Network can orchestrate your data in a hybrid Cloud overcoming distances and reducing bandwidth costs.

Relying on a secure connexion in France and for the international Cloud zones guarantees a consistent application experience, for a performant use and the comfort of your users.

Opt for a high-speed and private cloud connection:

  • Your applications are hosted in a hybrid Cloud thanks to a scalable network, independent of Cloud providers
  • We offer private links with a guaranteed access to maximize the quality and security of the data traffic
  • You can adapt your bandwidth on-the-go without adding new physical links or incurring deployment delays

Simplify your architecture and optimize your costs :

  • Avoid deploying and managing complex VPN tunnels with each Cloud provider: BGP configurations, resiliency, presence in datacenters around the world
  • Access multiple Cloud platforms through a unique connexion where each Cloud provider is reached via secure vLANs
  • Reduce the cost of your outgoing data transfer with your Cloud providers, up to 50%

Ensure your serenity thanks to our commitments:

  • A resilient and secure architecture via multiple interconnexions between Jaguar Network and Cloud providers.
  • An optimisation of performances such as stable bandwidth and minimal latency.
  • A guaranteed availiability of your connections thanks to the supervision by our teams on a 24/7/365 basis.


Dynamic routing

Hybrid Architectures

Network & Cloud Orchestrator

Multi-Cloud connectivity

Very High Availability

Customized offer

Rely on an IT architecture adjusted for your multi-cloud applications

Architectured tailored to your business requirements

Reactivity to provide a customized answer

Engineering adjusted to your constraints

Our Advantages

  • Opt for a carrier grade and proprietary network for secure data transit.
  • Ensure uniform network performances through end-to-end management
  • Rely on a turnkey solution compliant with your existing infrastructure via InterLAN or VPN connectivity

Your Benefits

  • Scalable services due to on-demand evolution of the bandwidth to adjust to increasing volumes of data
  • Secure and easy to deploy solution for simultaneous connection to several Cloud providers
  • Enhanced productivity thanks to 24/7 business continuity ensured by a resilient and supervised architecture