Why become a partner?

Network, Voice and Cloud services, turnkey, ready to sell and to use: Optimus, the partnership program offered by Jaguar Network. 

Since 2001, Cloud and telecom service operator has brought custom solutions to businesses seeking performance. Backed by its experience in Very High Availability services, Jaguar Network has enhanced its panel of services with the theme of zero crash tolerance.

Becoming a reseller partner by joining the Optimus program means:

  • Making sure of business opportunities and repeat revenue, without investing and without having to manage complex infrastructures.
  • Offering businesses host services, Cloud solutions and offers, SaaS solutions, business Internet products, business VoIP solutions and services… with very high levels of performance and availability (guarantee of service).

Becoming a Jaguar Network partner means having the choice of 3 different types of partnership based on your needs and your business customers’ needs: reseller/broker, white label or operator.

Whether you are an integrator, facilities manager, telephony installer, publisher, reseller, operator with or without infrastructure or local reseller, in the end becoming a reseller partner with Jaguar Network means having a high degree of independence, while being assured of being listened to and supported throughout the partnership: dedicated sales person, technical support 24/7/365, single interface/extranet available as soon as the contract is signed…

Which partnership to choose?

White label

White label

White label reselling of Cloud solutions, Internet access, security, hosting, own-label VoIP.

Offer a turnkey (Smart) product catalog (telephony, VoIP, Cloud, network…).

Benefit from training and support by Jaguar Network experts.

Ensure full customer satisfaction and access to a complete IS portal.



As an official Jaguar Network reseller, you advise your customers about Jaguar Network products and we reward you for each contract signed.

100% from the catalog.

Benefit from training and support by Jaguar Network experts.

Be rewarded and guarantee customer satisfaction.



Supplement your xDSL/FIBER/transit network connectivity and Voice over IP, by relying on Jaguar Network’s proprietary Cloud and telecom network.

Develop IT offers that differentiate from competitors’ products (SD-Wan, IoT, etc.).

Have a data collection and SIP gateway.

Benefit from complete supervision tools (IS independence).

What are the guarantees?

Through the partnership with Jaguar Network, whether it’s offering Cloud products, Cloud computing, business VoIP solutions, hosting services, VPN access, etc., Jaguar Network brings you its expertise and infrastructures, ready to go.

  • Plus d’autonomie :
  • Greater independence: through a single interface (extranet), ready to use as soon as the partnership is signed
  • €0 entry fee: the IS is accessible free-of-charge and in its entirety
  • More listening and responsiveness: with a single dedicated sales person for your business and permanent 24/7/365 technical support
  • Free training on our products through the JN Partner Training Center
  • Certified services and infrastructures: ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, HDS health…
  • Premium products offering excellent value for money
  • Co-marketing assistance: JPO, incentive, promotions, trade shows, print…

Optimus Testimonials

« Jaguar Network will allow us to develop new skills, new markets and so, logically, enable us to grow. Unlike other operators, Jaguar Network has an efficient organization making it possible to work as easily on simple projects as on complex projects. You can clearly see it is possible to work in complete confidence with Jaguar Network, confidence that is the first value we expect from a partnership. »

Bastien SADOUL

« We chose Jaguar Network to host our architecture and customer data. For us, the service quality and technical expertise of the Jaguar Network teams really set them apart. This choice guarantees offering performance to Hexawin customers. »


« With Jaguar Network, we were able to see a significant improvement in our performance, thanks to extremely low latency; this is a real quality for an e-commerce platform, as well as a 100% SLA since production release. »

CTO & Co-Fondateur

« A top IS and constantly evolving, exceptional follow-up in sales and in production, with meticulous attention available from the project manager. We are extremely confident about the quality of this partnership with Jaguar Network. In addition, the pallet of products offered, and the expertise and intelligence brought, confirms us in our choice and so enables us to look ahead with peace of mind to the future of telecoms! »

Grégory COUCK
Marketing and Client Director

« Prices in the world of tourism are adjusted up to several times a day; the development of disintermediated platforms is accelerating competitive pressures and the need for adapted positioning. »

Alexandre Barthélémy