AMADEUS: A secure web platform available 24x7x365

Amadeus is the world leader in solutions for handling bookings for the travel industry. Travel companies (traditional & low-cost, hotel, cruise, rail, ferry and car rental companies, and tour operators) and travel agencies (online and offline) benefit from transaction processing power and technological solutions available 24/7.

Using a global network, travel suppliers and travel agencies are connected through a high performance processing platform, to distribute travel-related products and services using an economic model based on transactions enabling the entire sector to benefit from technological solutions.

So by using this model, businesses can convert part of their fixed IT and distribution costs into variable costs to match the fluctuating growth in passenger volumes.

Technological and distribution solutions are hosted on highly resilient Private Cloud platforms to serve multiple TO customers. They are designed to facilitate all the key steps related to national and international journeys. They incorporate technologies for scheduling itineraries, price searching, bookings, issuing tickets, checking airline flight times and inventories, passenger registration and departure, as well as certain after-sales solutions. In 2011 the complete Amadeus system processed 948 million invoiced transactions.

TOHAPI: Boosting the power of Data to the era of the Cloud and Networks


Tohapi combines the best of the expertise and experience at Vacances Directes and Village Center, and now offers space at more than 200 camp sites in France, Spain and Italy. The company offers a choice of more than 300 destinations in France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. Numerous activities, displays and services (swimming pools, water parks, children’s club with Topi the Cat, teenage clubs, etc.) on its camp sites require connectivity for enjoyable family holidays with all the necessary comfort.


Information system challenges take priority: guaranteeing order taking and the performance of Internet listing (SEO, SEM), supplying very low latency links to connect business applications to booking centers and providing Cloud hosting that adapts to the system, Tohapi centralizes significant data volumes where processing is done in a Cloud/Big Data platform.


In addition, new customer services have to be developed, putting the priority on providing a reliable telecommunications support system in high season. Connected objects, contactless payments and many other avenues can be explored through the IoT/Big Data division with the aim of generating new uses to bring an unforgettable customer experience.

VIGIMILIA: The power of Machine Learning delivering fair price positioning


Vigimilia is a Marseille-based company, developing new generation tools aimed at offering automated competitor watch solutions to support Revenue Management techniques. With the rapid development of Internet platforms, price positioning can make a fundamental difference in the strategy of building sales revenues for an establishment or service suppliers for tourism.


Making the Cloud, Big Data and Machine Learning triplet available, Jaguar Network supplies calculation servers based on CUDA technologies, parallel processing architecture developed by NVIDIA increasing the system’s calculating performance tenfold by using the power of graphics processors (GPU)
CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) makes it possible to program intensive calculation applications by addressing the GPU directly in C language. 

Tesla architecture offers the power of a super-calculator (4 teraflops with single precision, 80 gigaflops with double precision) exponentially accelerating processing times.


Data collected using crawler agents are saved in a Big Data database, processed by Vigimilia high performance infrastructures and communicated in detailed reports including market positioning. Thanks to the JN experts, positioning tools generate decision-making dashboards 180 times faster than with conventional solutions in the IaaS Cloud market.

Prices in the world of tourism are adjusted up to several times a day; the development of disintermediated platforms is accelerating competitive pressures and the need for adapted positioning.

Alexandre Barthélémy