FRANCE TELEVISIONS: high availability to broadcast France’s voice overseas


The transition of media consumers to large digital platforms gives FTVEN infrastructures a challenge of rapid change and sustainability.


France Télévisions Editions Numériques relies on the expertise of its 120 staff to design, develop and direct all the Group’s digital applications, supporting and anticipating new way of consuming audiovisual content and information.


Combining the security of a Private Cloud with robust application CDN infrastructures across the world, the France Télévisions group’s web content broadcast platforms must be able to adapt in real time to any high volume peak created by current affairs.

Advanced application architecture and Cloudification of Legacy applications, all supported by Synchronous Dual Site architecture and backed up by additional sites spread across the country. The infrastructures are connected by several Very High Speed network access points.


Managing Legacy Client/Server infrastructures to applications developed natively to operate in Cloud mode demands maximum capability to adapt infrastructures to run applications in hybrid environments.

Automation pushed to its limits enables infrastructures to be operated in API/DevOPS mode and fine supervision of applications provides resilience strengthened by the necessary availability of its services, means of transmitting information and news to the more than 500 million monthly users of the services.

BFM TV : new generation SDN/NFV network


TheNextRadio TV multimedia group focuses on information in 4 subject areas: general information, sport, economics and high-tech; rolled out over 4 media: radio, television, digital and mobile media.

RMC is positioned as the leading radio station in France for men under 50 years of age and similarly ahead of Europe 1 for SPG+, while BFM TV is the benchmark for economic and financial information.
RMC alternates between news, interviews and broadcast debates. It interviews nearly 10,000 decision makers every year to analyze and debate economic, social and international issues.


The group supplies all its media and network services and provides 24x7x365 continuity for information handling with the most advanced competitive requirements.


So it is that our engineering teams work actively together to provide new generation network services combining performance and security in data transmission.

The Jaguar Network 24/7 NOC (Network Operation Center) drives and supervises operations and application of version upgrades. It gets involved after LAB validation to ensure maintenance operations are rolled out flawlessly.

The SOC (Security Operations Center) monitors the different attempts to access the network and takes restrictive measures if attempted attacks target servers or uses.

LA PROVENCE : from written journalism to digital journalism

Cropped hands of man with newspaper holding digital tablet by window in cafe


The expression ‘Fourth Estate’ to describe the press shows its importance in a country. A benchmark media company in southern France,  La Provence is adapting rapidly to the inevitable change in its industrial sector.
The whole Press sector is seeing its revenues switch from paper to new services giving a good deal to digital services.
The massive switch of users towards a permanent multiscreen ecosystem explains the need to completely reinvent the value chain, including IT as pilot of the digital transformation.


The transition towards a paid online Press model combined with the continuous growth in video content require a highly adaptable service, seeking to optimize each flow technically supported by infrastructures and applications.


In this way, Jaguar Network teams are connected to the main production sites using a dedicated black fiber network to adapt infrastructures more rapidly to meet business needs. 
The different production tools are connected to a global digital services platform, accessible from the JN Datacenter.

Operating upgradable 100% available infrastructures is a necessity to support the change in media. Adapting Legacy applications to a Cloud approach guarantees meeting, in an immediate future, all requirements for consuming content.

Guillaume Postaire

CTO in charge of infrastructure and architecture France Télévisions, Digital department.