JAGUAR NETWORK DATACENTER: Predictive maintenance delivering very high availability

Backed by more than 15 years’ operating its own infrastructures, Jaguar Network invest continually in developing Industry 4.0 solutions for its own uses and now supports tomorrow’s champions.


Acteur engagé, Jaguar Network propose les plus hauts taux de disponibilité du marché des infrastructures Cloud et Datacenter. Depuis 2007 nous développons nos propres solutions internes à base de Big Data, Machine Learning et recommandations afin d’évaluer l’état de santé des composants en temps réel.

As a committed player, Jaguar Network offers the highest availability levels in the Cloud and Datacenter infrastructures market. Since 2007 we have been developing our own in-house solutions based on Big Data, Machine Learning and recommendations in order to assess the state of health of components in real time.


Thus we have equipped all our critical resources with new generation sensors to anticipate crashes and predict failures.
These significant data volumes are stored at our in-house datacenters and overseen by in-house teams and subcontractors responsible for industrial maintenance.


Increasing availability while reducing costs is a risky bet that is now a real success. With more than 1,500 sensors installed in the 10,000 m2 of our Datacenter @Marseille, all those involved are fed information directly on their business systems. 
In this way, since 2012, we have seen savings of over 30% on operation (opex) of our industrial systems and PLCs, all using software and hardware components now available for all our customers and partners through our IoT division.


  • Improve quality of life at work
  • Predict failures
  • Optimize costs for maintenance and infrastructure
  • Maximize lifespan of equipment
  • Anticipate the consequences of crashes
  • Automate planning of maintenance and repair operations
  • Optimize flows of operations (reduce the number of incidents, inspections, etc.)
  • Give visibility to heterogeneous environments through a centralized console

QUANTA : Building Management System delivering performance

Inherited directly from our developments for Datacenters, we had a digital factory built related to all the uses of the Smart Building.

Quanta, which houses our Research and Innovation center, is equipped with thousands of sensors aimed at optimizing the operation of service buildings while increasing the level of services provided to its users. So it is that all the sensors feed directly into a shared Data Lake aimed at connecting our algorithms for processing via BigData/Machine Learning. There are multiple uses and, though a mobile app, provide staff with a real remote control for Quality of Life at Work.

Electricity production of the occupants is connected directly to farms of new generation photovoltaic panels (120 kW for 200 staff).

Quantaware shifts the BMS solutions of constructors to digital mode:

  • Maintenance management dashboards and console
  • Predictive alert reporting
  • Alarms (fire, leak, access, etc.)
  • Operating comfort systems (air conditioning, heating, etc.)
  • Physical and logical access control to sensitive areas
  • Regulation of power consumption when users leave
  • Algorithm for detailed consumption reporting of spaces
  • Financial optimization and reconfiguration of available surface areas

True orchestrator of communal living, this solution makes it possible to combine complementary services to simplify users’ lives, group complementary businesses and maximize the conditions for success.

POLY-SHAPE: 3D printing coupled with data expertise


Additive manufacturing isn’t just for complex small production runs any more.

A strong R&D culture combining innovation and protection if industrial confidentiality have made Poly-Shape a stand-out benchmark for Industrie 4.0 in the space of a few years.

As a result all Poly-Shape Industrie production data are consolidated in industrial applications developed in-house; confidentiality is ensured by centralized Cloud hosting, connected to ‘On Premise’ equipment using SDN/NFV technologies.


Like that, the company shares a cross-company information system accessible to all its partners and subsidiaries to deliver industrial performance. 

Design 4.0: The engineering design office specializes is Design For Additive Manufacturing; based on design rules, it proposes optimized designs adapted to new materials.

3D Production: with more than 30 different machines operating 5 additive manufacturing processes, the company exports its production from its manufacturing units located on several sites in France and Europe.

Postproduction: after manufacturing, the plants perform the finishing operations needed to get the details of finished functional parts to meet the requirements of current ‘Quality’ standards.

The proliferation of tools and applications, coupled with need for stronger protection of industrial confidentiality, is updating the need to bring in infrastructure security experts as quickly as possible.

Philippe VERAN

Chief Executive Officer