QUANTHOUSE: microsecond trading

QuantHouse is one of the independent leaders in supplying high performance APIs for data linked to financial markets as well as Stock Market trading algorithms. Supporting hedge funds, market makers, investment banks, brokers or family office to get the best performance in trading, development and integration of new strategies, in compliance with regulations.

Relying on the most efficient international transmission networks, to make outstanding quality high-speed Internet connectivity available to web platforms and APIs, and to supply protection solutions for IP networks, remains one of the priority issues for financial markets.

In a few years Marseille has become one of the markets internationally recognized for its very high quality connectivity using undersea fiber-optic cables, hosting one of the largest concentrations of operators in Europe within JN Datacenters.

The ‘Ultra-Low-Latency’ networks enable economic operators to use the lowest latency paths to carry the most sensitive trading transactions. As financial transactions unfold, every millisecond make the difference between being positioned as leader or quite simply losing a market opportunity.

In certain specific sectors the technology has the upper hand over costs to reduce response time, so routers, hops and media converters are limited and the use of low-latency optical or wave transmission solutions are favored, such as for all uses related to High Frequency Trading (HFT).

GROUPAMA ASSET MANAGEMENT: Guaranteeing the continuity of Secure Interbank Clearing

Since being created in 1993, Groupama Asset Management, subsidiary of Groupama, has established itself as one of the leading French asset management companies. Groupama Asset Management, which historically acted on behalf of many business units of the Groupama group, has made its expertise and experience available to institutional investors, businesses and distributors.

Real-time exchange of files containing critical data for banking transactions is a vital need in conducting clearing between financial partners. To meet the strictest standards we have developed strengthened UNIX distribution for banking needs, integrating a number of security tools aimed at encrypting, saving and securing server transactions, all incorporated within an E-VPN private network dedicated to encrypted exchanges between the parties.

The interbank clearing mechanism is operated by financial institutions to offset credits and debts they hold with each other and forms the heart of the financial system.


Network & Telecom Manager
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