ON[e]Life : Growing Innovation Together

Founded in 2016, ON[e]Life a not-for-profit organization formed under the French 1901 law backing a digital platform aimed at supporting the rapid development of biotechnology and e-health companies. 

ON[e]Life’s mission is to create strong relationships between the life sciences and the numerous players in digital technologies: Artificial Intelligence (Automatic), Machine Learning, Prototyping, Cloud, Big Data, etc. by backing ambitious projects spanning all these specific fields of expertise.

ON[e]Life has its premises is a dedicated 1,500 m² [16,000 ft²] building, ideally located at Marseille, comprising P2 laboratories and offices focused on collaboration and new generation management.

ON[e]Life has realistic goals of coordinating and synchronizing all those involved in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region and encouraging them to develop forward-thinking and monitored relationships with the best international clusters.

GENEPRED uses the Cloud and Artificial Intelligence for medical prediction.

Man is experiencing accelerated evolution and although biology is reaching its limits, technology is leading the way to predict or even eradicate certain diseases.

Since 2012 Genepred has been using software to develop an evolving and ‘learning’ algorithm enabling its founders to predict if certain patients are genetically predisposed, in particular, to developing cancer.

Genepred holds numerous patents related to its technologies, enabling it to achieve around 80% certainty for each patient tested.

Through its research, Genepred has been able to confirm and validate the fact that some genetic mutations predispose certain people to develop the uncontrolled scarring process called ‘fibrosis’.

So, each genetic mutation linked to fibrosis is associated with a related development risk and from sequence analysis of our DNA and the presence of certain of the 40 currently known genetic mutations, the start-up’s software is able to calculate the risk of a patient developing this disease.

In this way, these ‘learning’ algorithms will refine their accuracy over time by collecting statistical data recorded from patient cohorts tested, all over Cloud environments necessarily authorized by the French Health Ministry (ASIP Santé).

Using data taken from Big Data, additional research is in progress, aiming to broaden the scope for predicting diseases in all organs of the human body.

PROGELIFE: Collaborative IT serving science

ProGeLife is an R&D company that stands out for developing therapeutic solutions where the mechanism of action is initially validated for rare genetic diseases characterized by accelerated or premature ageing, before being transposed to age-related illnesses affecting the general population.

This is linked to the combination of two approaches:

  • Discovering and developing treatments for rare genetic diseases.
  • Applying these same treatments to prevent and/or correct age-related diseases that appear in the general population in the course of physiological ageing.

The company’s hybrid teams combine academic research, private research and multi-site management. Documents, research and study results must be transferred in real time to optimize researchers’ time. Data banks holding personal information must have the highest possible security level so as not to disclose confidential information and to comply with all medical standards and GDPR.

Combine the best digital experts with R&D centers enables the acceleration of drug development in France. It is a guarantee to keep our most prominent scientists at the heart of innovative projects.


R&D Program Director